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Planned giving with unusual assets.

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Bryan Clontz, President of Charitable Solutions, gave an eye-opening talk at last week’s National Capital Gift Planning Council Planning Giving Days.  According to Bryan, “more than half of affluent investors’ assets are held in non-cash assets; cash only represents 3-5%.”  Yet, of the $300 billion in donations last year, non-cash assets are estimated to be 3% or less.  Seems like the numbers are upside down.

So, why are we not spending some of our precious marketing real estate talking about unusual, non-cash gifts?  (examples include obvious things like art and collectibles but also unexpected assets such as patents, mineral and timber rights, and a seat on the NYSE).

It may be because it can be complicated to structure such a gift so that it’s advantageous to the nonprofit and to the donor.  It may also be, according to Bryan, that nonprofits are burdened by bureaucracy, in the form of gift acceptance policies/procedures that turn off nonprofits and donors alike.

Sounds like we need to get out of the way of a huge opportunity.  Guys like Bryan can facilitate such gifts and make the acceptance of these assets, and the resulting cash, easy.



Written by Phyllis Freedman

May 18, 2010 at 11:56 pm