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Personalizing your planned giving marketing.

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I’m continually struck by the sameness of a lot of planned giving marketing.  This is especially true of planned giving websites, which tend to come from one of a handful of vendors and seem to be posted by nonprofits essentially without any changes.  But, it’s also true of other kinds of planned giving marketing, much of which is generic.

I understand that sometimes it’s a cost consideration and it can also be an expertise consideration–no one with the marketing know-how to guide the changes–but maybe it’s also because we don’t realize how important or how easy it can be to tailor your content for your audience.

Here are three examples of how planned giving marketing can be customized:

1.  For an organization that fights a 100% fatal disease, information about end of life considerations

2. For organizations with a gay and lesbian constituency, information about issues pertinent to their status (in most states) as unmarried partners.  MetLife just released a MetLife Legal Planning Guide for GLBT Boomers that has lots of good information if your organization is in this category.

3.  For organizations with a disability focus, information about special needs trusts.

4.  For animal welfare organizations, information about providing for your pets in your estate plan.  At my session, Getting the Most ROI from Your Planned Giving Marketing Investment,” at the recent National Capital Area Gift Council Planning Days mentioned this.

So, take a step back.  Maybe there is something you can do.



Written by Phyllis Freedman

June 9, 2010 at 11:23 am

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