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The importance of impact.

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As if we needed another reminder, the Wall Street Journal reports on the increasing emphasis donors are placing on impact to drive their charitable choices.  The article notes the following reasons for the trend:

1.  Economic turmoil.  With less to give, donors are more focused on ensuring the impact of their gifts.

2.  Information availability.  The web has made it possible for donors to make more informed choices when selecting which organization or project to support.

3.  Growth in philanthropic advisors.  More high wealth donors are participating in programs or working with individual advisors to help them develop their own strategic funding plans.

I would add to this list, the rise of the Baby Boomer and the passing of the baton from the WWII and Silent Generation.  Whereas the latter trusted in institutions, Baby Boomers want proof.


P.S.  I’ve written about impact in a number of posts.  You can read a couple here, and here.


Written by Phyllis Freedman

April 19, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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