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Counting planned gifts.

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Jim Roehm, of The Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island, posted a comment last week asking for examples of  “real-world experience in the best practices of counting planned gifts during comprehensive campaigns.”  So, to gather some examples for Jim, I posted a query to the gift-pl list-serve of the PPP.

As always with the gift-pl list-serve, colleagues across the country were generous with their insights and experience.  Before I share their examples, I do want to cite two formal resources for policies on counting gifts that were suggested: chapter eleven in “The Art of Planned Giving” by Doug White and the PPP Counting Guidelines

Now to the real-world feedback.  I kicked off the discussion by describing the Campaign for Texas, underway at the University of Texas at Austin.  Jeff Glosser graciously shared their policy:  “All gifts from donors are counted to the Campaign for Texas. This includes all revocable planned gifts made during the campaign period. We will disclose the value of revocable planned gifts for donors that have reached the age of 60 by August 31, 2014 (the end of the campaign) in our summary campaign reports.  We will use market value to report the total of revocable planned gifts to the campaign.”

From the gift pl list-serve there was back and forth about what is meant by “counting” especially with respect to revocable gifts.  The consensus:  revocable gifts can be counted for purposes of describing the campaign’s success but those same gifts are not routinely counted for accounting purposes.

A number of practitioners weighed in with specific examples.  I’ve summarized them as Counting Gifts Examples.

Thanks to Jim for posing the question and kudos to everyone who responded.  I love the fact that we’re all trying to advance our profession by sharing knowledge so readily.


P.S.  The gift-pl list-serve is another great benefit of PPP membership.


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  1. This is a key on-going question that we are trying to address in a program of the SeniorCare Development Network…”Counting vs. Accounting in gifts of all kinds.” Thank you for the information provided and for bringing the subject to the forefront.

    Bob Price

    March 2, 2010 at 12:43 pm

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