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More donor visits: part II.

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Yesterday I wrote about the importance of making as many donor visits as possible even in the face of difficulty getting donor permission to do so.  Here are some tips for moving donors to “yes.”

1.  Some organizations have had success in breaking the ice by holding a group function, such as a donor luncheon.  Once the donor connects personally with staff in the relative safety of a public place, she may be more likely to say “yes” to a visit in her home.  If you don’t have the human/financial resources to create a function specifically for this purpose, leverage an existing event, such as an annual meeting or conference, to which your donors can be invited.

2.  If an event still doesn’t make sense for you or if your donors are so geographically diverse as to make an event problematic:

  • Make sure that reply cards for your Legacy Society members include checkboxes that offer opportunities for engagement such as a visit to your facility, if appropriate, or a call/visit from a staff person to explain “how my gifts are having an impact.”  I wrote about this previously.

  • Photos of gift planning officers, in newsletter profiles of those individuals, and even on business cards, can make the donor feel as though she “knows” the person who calls and can eliminate a significant barrier to a visit.



Written by Phyllis Freedman

January 5, 2010 at 11:43 pm

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