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Are you a futurist?

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Are you a futurist?  Do you personally and does your organization institutionally have a discipline around recognizing the shifts taking place in our sector?  Do you and your organization feel the urgency of those challenges?   If you answered “yes” to those questions then you’re well-positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of emerging trends.  That’s the finding of a new study funded and published by the James Irvine Foundation.  You can download a pdf of the report by clicking on the title, “How Five Trends Will Reshape the Social Sector

Here are the five trends:

1.  Demographic shifts redefining participation

2.  Technological advances abounding

3.  Networks enabling work to be organized in new ways

4.  Interest in civic engagement and volunteerism rising

5.  Sector boundaries blurring

The report suggests that it’s not just any one of these factors but the interconnectedness of them that makes for dramatic and fast-paced change in our sector.  Organizations that fail to anticipate trends like these, and react to them, will be left behind.  For fundraisers, not only will our organizations falter, but funders, corporate, individual and foundation alike, will be investing more heavily in the organizations that are taking advantage of these trends.


P.S.  Special thanks to Laura Deaton, principal at Full Glass Consulting and founder of Nonprofit Local, a new beta website committed to helping the sector. The site provides aggregated daily news, tips, and more, entirely free.  Laura brought this valuable report to my attention via the Nonprofit Professionals Forum on LinkedIn.


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