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Planned giving reply card: tip #2.

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I wrote previously about looking carefully at what comes in my mailbox.  And, when given the opportunity to check a box requesting planned giving information from one of the organizations I support, I always do.  My friends also know about my curiosity and sometimes save samples they receive in the mail to give to me.  And, my mother regularly sends me care packages from Houston with materials she’s received.  At age 85, she’s receiving lots of planned giving newsletters along with other planned gift marketing pieces.

Recently, a friend shared with me a postcard he received from his alma mater.  It was a good reminder that those of us in planned giving often have the best of intentions but make honest mistakes.

The postcard was nicely written with an engaging headline and a good case for legacy giving through a gift annuity.  The detachable postage-paid reply card was well laid out and asked for all the right information.  What tripped me up was the italicized copy at the bottom of the reply card assuring the donor that her information would remain confidential.

Too bad the piece was missing a fold-over panel to enable the donor to tape the card “closed” to keep confidential the information she would be providing.  Maybe the College meant that the information would be confidential except for the USPS, the mailroom and anyone else handling the reply card.  An honest mistake, but one that can and should be avoided.

Sometimes the smallest thing can stop a donor from responding.



Written by Phyllis Freedman

September 21, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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