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Stewardship done right. #3

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I recently received my Summer 2009 E-Newsletter from the Heifer Foundation, fundraising arm of the Heifer Project.  The main subject of the newsletter is a new collaborative fundraising program they’ve launched which I’ll write about later.  But the e-newsletter prompted me to browse the Foundation’s website.  In the navigation labeled “Resource Center” I found two documents that are downloadable:  a brochure about connecting donor assets with aspirations and a second publication titled “Heifer Foundation Investment Management.” 

The latter publication opens with this introduction:   “Investing is a subjective and complex endeavor—with numerous intervening influences. In a sense, the portfolio is a reflection of Heifer International Foundation (HIF) itself—the values of the organization are encapsulated therein. Social restrictions, for one, make a statement with regard to priorities we hold dear. Being socially conscious in a portfolio requires extra effort and commitment to integrating the portfolio with the mission of the organization. Heifer Foundation is happy to report that our Return on Investment for our asset allocation fund since our inception has been more than 13% while still upholding our values and donor intent.   We appreciate your interest in our fiduciary responsibility regarding the investment model and methods used to secure a maximum return for both donor and recipient. One of our main organizational priorities is investment integrity and perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of Heifer Foundation.”

This publication is a wonderful stewardship piece.  I hope the Foundation is using it more broadly than just buried here on their website.  Given recent negative publicity about the risks of charitable gift annuities, and, more importantly, given the importance to Boomers of knowing exactly how their money is being used (and invested), this publication can be a real asset to donor retention and upgrading.  Sending a copy to new Legacy Society members or to donors who have requested an annuity illustration are two uses that come immediately to mind.  Click here to download a copy of the document.



Written by Phyllis Freedman

June 23, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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